Application Requirements, Eligibility & Materials (Frequently Asked Questions)

Funding is open to researchers all over the world who are working or want to work on Digital Financial Services (DFS).

The initiative funds are only for research purposes.

Low- and middle-income countries (Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia)

While it is not mandatory that a proposal includes an implementing partner, it is very unlikely that a successful proposal with a feasible research question will not have one.

Yes, applicants are encouraged to do so with an implementing partner.

While it is not a requirement to have a co-PI from the country of the proposed study, this is highly encouraged and strongly preferred. That said, there needs to be some partnership or connection with the country of study to ensure that the research can be accomplished, and the proper licenses and approvals can be obtained.

Yes, we encourage PhD students to apply.  This can also be done in collaboration with supervisors or advisors

For-profit institutions are eligible to apply provided they can comply with the requirements of the grant agreement. Specifically, the subaward agreement will address ownership of the results and how those results will be made available (e.g., under what license terms, within what timeframe, etc.)

This concerns any arrangement in the market for digital formation services that is not consumer-driven or consumer related.

For this call, projects should have approximate duration as indicated below

Proposal Development      6 Months

Pilot                                  12 months

Natural experiment          24 Months

Extension                        24 months

Greenfield                      36 months

Unfortunately, proposals will only be accepted in English.

Unfortunately, there cannot be any amendments to an application after the deadline. However, upon review, should the committee require further information, applicants will be contacted.