Prof. Milo Bianchi
Member, Scientific Committee

Milo Bianchi is Professor of Finance at the Toulouse School of Economics. His research interests include behavioral and household finance, financial development and entrepreneurship. His current research agenda focuses on the adoption and impact of fintech services on household welfare, with particular focus on behavioral aspects. He has also investigated how financial constraints affect microentrepreneurs in rural Mexico, how access to credit influences entrepreneurial choices globally, how lack of financial education affects investment decisions and household wealth accumulation. His work uses both theoretical and empirical tools to derive policy relevant economic insights, and it has been published in leading economics and finance journals including the Journal of Finance, Review of Economic Studies, Review of Economics and Statistics, Management Science. Prof. Bianchi is junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France, director of the FIT-IN Initiative, and member of the Sustainable Finance and the Digital Finance Centers at TSE. He has received his PhD from the Stockholm School of Economics and he has held research positions at various institutions including MIT, Paris School of Economics, University College London, and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.