Although no data are available on the gender gap in the DF-retail agent business, the gender gap index in Kenya is 0.69, a measure that reflects empowerment, reproductive health, and the labour market. The main research objective is to determine the gender disparity as influenced by gender norms, socio-cultural norms and barriers from the demand-supply-side evident from the DF-agency market and how women and savings groups can bridge the disparity divide in Kenya's rural areas.

Research questions:
a)  Are gender norms and socio-cultural norms significant obstacles to DFS utilization in the agency market?
b) What barriers from the demand-supply-side are significant obstacles to the DF-agency businesses managed by women and women savings groups?
c)  Which targeted interventions and policies from the supply-side can promote DF-retail agency businesses managed by women and women savings groups in rural areas?

  • Davis Bundi Ntwiga,University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • Laura Barasa, University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • Ann Rintari, Kenya Methodist University, Kenya